Is change possible?

Have you ever followed a path for so long you really can’t see any options outside of it? If it’s a job you think to yourself, I don’t have that many skills, my resume is outdated, and anyway this is where my friends are.
I don’t know how many times, I have asked questions until I realized the grass isn’t greener anywhere else or until I settled on the fact that I’m not actually fit enough to jump the fence.
It’s so easy to convince ourselves that change isn’t possible. The truth is, and we all know it. We can do anything we really want.
My grandmother, Joyce Martell, had eleven children (yes you read that right). She decided she wanted to leave her marriage and go to school to be a substance abuse counselor at the age of 52. Can you imagine?
She raised kids her whole life! She had her first born, my mother, when she was 17 years old. I can’t imagine the audacity she had to think she could start all over (AND she was still raising kids).
In the last 30 years she completely transformed herself.
When I was a kid she went roller blading with me and her cool boyfriend with the motorcycle would let me sit on the seat.
She became an amazing inspiration and transformational force in the lives of many. She passed away several years ago and at her funeral I heard story after story from people about how she had touched their lives in profound ways.
Complete strangers were sobbing tears of gratitude for my grandmother’s role in their lives. It was truly incredible!
Had my grandmother stayed on that path she wouldn’t have touched so many with her experience, love, and hope.
So as we make decisions to stay on our path or jump the fence to get the greener grass we have to remember that we may not be fit enough to get over the fence yet, but as you climb, you grow the muscles needed.
This blog is just one of my new paths and my greatest wish is that it supports you on yours. Lots of love!

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